About Us

Formed in 2005 by Managing Director Simon Dowson and Technical Director Nick Carpenter, Delta Motorsport has established itself as one of the leading consultancies in its field.

  • Pedigree

    Delta Motorsport has a background deeply rooted in high performance engineering and it is this depth of knowledge and experience that sets the company apart from so many other engineering consultancies.

  • Philosophy

    The design engineering skills honed in the ultracompetitive motorsport industry are transferred to other areas where innovative solutions are critical to performance, efficiency and optimisation.

  • Capabilities

    Delta offers consultancy services that range from single component design and development, through to complete product programmes. Delta offers a multi-disciplined skill set that encompasses full vehicle design, styling design, component/systems design, mechanical and electronic systems development programmes, aerodynamic consultancy, vehicle build and full project management.

Design, Build and Development