Bahrain 6Hr

3 November 2012

For Bahrain we decided to run with just John and Tor as the race looked like it would be equal stints and it would give the guys more time in the car, it was a tough call as the heat was energy sapping but we were confident of getting a result. The track conditions were changing all the time with the variations in track temperature making some of the free practice sessions unrepresentative of what race conditions would be like, we had a good balance but tyre wear was high so it might be difficult to double stint the tyres during the race. Qualifying was looking like the usual tight battle between John and Sarrazin and this was proved to be the case with Sarrazin putting together a blinding lap 0.4s quicker than John. The race was starting just as the sun was going down then running into the night but there was no let up in the temperature with track temps still in the high 30′s. It was a bad start for the team as John got held out wide going into the first turn by Sarrazin, which allowed three cars in pass, John quickly got one back before moving up into third. Then just as things seemed to be settling down we suffered a suspension failure that also damaged the wheel rim flattening the tyre, John crawled back to the pits but this was not a quick fix with both lower and upper front wishbones needing to be replace on the right hand side. The race was as good as over but when point are at stack you can never give up, the crew fixed the car and we took to the track and used the time as an extended test hoping for other competitors to drop out to maximize the number of points. After six hours we finished 6th and took fastest lap but it was a long way from where we wanted to be.

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