Spa Francorchamps 6Hr – Day 1

3 May 2012

If you have never been to Spa you should really put it on the bucket list.

An amazing circuit steeped in history with over 100 meters elevation change over the 7km circuit.

Watching on the TV just does not get close to giving you an idea of what it is like.

Drivers across the world love the circuit and the ADR-Delta trio of Martin, Kerr and Graves are no different. All have raced here before in other formulae and were reminiscing of those times during our 2hr track walk.

The team has made some steps forward in understanding the Oreca chassis since the last event in Sebring, so Day 1 was always going to be about getting the drivers and car dialled in to the circuit. With 3 hours running split over two sessions the team set to work, John started in free practice 1 (FP1) and quickly reported back ‘the car is completely different to Sebring’. Not all good news as it meant we were starting afresh with the direction of the car.

John as always, quickly found his groove and posted some quick laps, with Tor up next, who was told to just break himself in gently as the team made changes to the chassis to get a good handling balance.


For FP2 it was Robbie’s turn to have a run, with more improvements to the chassis between sessions by Chief Engineer David Leach.


It did not take Robbie long to post the fastest time in class, before Tor had his time with a free reign to push.


Tor posted some impressive lap times, even on full fuel load, matching some of the pro drivers running on track at the same time. Robbie’s time fell 4 tenths off second place in the Oak Chassis. So with some more ‘tweaks’ he was sent out to complete the last 15 minutes of the session.


However, while making room for a clear lap at the final chicane he was attacked by a Porsche, turning him around. As he set back off the session was red flagged for a big accident at Eau Rouge.


Overall the team end Day 1 knowing that they have made good steps forward and have the potential for pole position tomorrow.


A long night ahead before an early start in preparation for FP3 the final run before qualifying – and who knows what the weather is going to be …

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